Thursday, August 07, 2008

August 5, 2008

Update on Miles...

Yesterday around noon the breathing tube was removed from his mouth, but they replaced it with a breathing tube through the nose as he still needed a little help. When we breathe oxygen, we breathe out CO2 and he was having a little trouble clearing that CO2 to the doctor's standards. He is coming down off the sedative he's been on for several days, which still has him somewhat sleepy so he also just needs a little extra help from the tube to help him remember to breathe. No ideas when that can be removed, but it is a lot less invasive through the nose than down the throat. So, even though he is still pretty out of it, I have to think he's more comfortable even though it's still not pretty and covers most of his little face. As far as nutrition, he's still not eating but he's off the sugar water now and being given TPN and lipids through the IV. TPN has vitamins, calories, and nutrients - so a little more substantial than the sugar water. We don't
know yet when he can start taking breastmilk, but we've been told that it will first be through an IV until he can be off the breathing tube.

I know that's a lot, but the doctors still say that he is progressing well but it will take time. Our theme for all of this is "Hurry up and wait." That said, when I'm there the nurses let me change his diaper and take his temperature. So I love how that makes me feel like a real mother and not a helpless bystander. We also got to hold him for the first time yesterday! It was quite an ordeal bundling up all the intimidating cords and tubes, but his nurses are wonderful and seemed more than happy to help him get into our arms. It was so hard to give him back even though our arms were going numb and we couldn't rock or move him much :)

I was discharged yesterday, and I'm doing fine. The hardest part is just being apart from Miles, but he's in good hands and that's comforting. Thanks again to everyone who's been thinking about us and praying. We know that God's plan is being played out, and we find comfort in knowing that He's in control of all this.

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lindsayloo said...

so I'm just now keeping up on all of these, since Niles just told me about them yesterday.. But you guys are in our prayers everyday.