Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Day 2 - August 1, 2008

First of all, thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for baby Miles. He progressed well through the night and his "levels" are improving. The pressure in his lungs is very slowly decreasing and his blood oxygen saturation is increasing. He is on a ventilator, which is providing him 20 breaths a minute. He is breathing slightly over that, which means he is doing some of his own breathing. The picture you see are ones we took in the middle of the night when we went to see him. You'll see the breathing tube coming out of his mouth, and he also has two lines attached to his umbilical cord. This is where all his fluids are going through - he's on two sedatives to help calm him down and right now they are giving him sugar water which is also flowing here. These lines also serve as a place for them to draw his blood so that they don't have to stick him all the time. There is also an IV in his right hand and I can't remember what goes in there. You'll also see the little yellow earmuffs - like I said before, he's been awfully feisty, so the sedatives and earmuffs are to help calm him.

We hope you'll take time to stop and thank God for his blessings on Miles. Please continue to pray for his recovery, but we have been able to spend precious time with him much sooner than we thought possible. The doctors who looked at Miles' heart beforehand were preparing us for the worst, and their very words were that they were "extremely nervous" about our baby, but God is great. Thanks for being part of this with us.

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