Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone! As I write this, I'm looking over my shoulder to see Jeremy asleep on the couch to the tune of the Vikings/Eagles game and Miles asleep in his swing next to him. I, on the other hand, am also ridiculously tired, but it's hard for me to nap during the day as I feel I might miss something or I'll feel guilty later that I didn't use the time to read on this book or clean that room. Regardless, the scene I just described pretty much sums up how we feel after a crazy 2008. Exhausted!!

Here's the summary:

*January - Jeremy started a new job with Nobel Biocare and we moved from Fayetteville to Dallas. Just weeks before, we had learned that we were pregnant.

*February - I started working for a small family office in Dallas.

*March - We learned we were having a boy!!

*April - After living with friends for a few months in Keller, we moved into an apartment in Euless.

*May-July - Baby showers, adjusting to apartment life, and doing my best to survive the summer heat!!

*July 31 - Miles Walker Northcutt is born! Read this entire blog to get a feel for the fear, uncertainty, helplessness, and ultimately the joy that we experienced in the days surrounding his birth.

*August - Hours and hours (24 days) spent in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Parkland Memorial Hospital.

*August 24 - Welcome home baby Miles!!

*September - Busting at the seams in our one bedroom apartment, we upgraded to a 2 bedroom.

*October - I returned to work, and Miles started his journey with Primrose School. He loves it and is doing great there!

*November - Adjusting to a life of planning, packing diaper bags, washing and preparing bottles, and washing baby clothes on a daily basis due to daily blowouts. :) Miles got to meet his great grandparents (Eenie and Grandpa Ernie) from California for the first time, and what a wonderful time that was! Thanksgiving was in Brownsboro with my in-laws, and Miles laughed out loud for the first time there. Such a fun moment that I won't soon forget!

*December - Our first Christmas with Miles! He got to meet the REAL Santa, and was a VERY good boy this year as it turns out. We celebrated Christmas Day and the New Year in Sayre, Oklahoma with my family. Our house in Fayetteville is still on the market, but we know that God will send a buyer at the right time. Maybe in 2009!

So, what a year it has been for the Northcutts! It has been a year full of opportunities to trust the path that God has for us and to know that His will is flawless even if we don't quite understand it. We are excited for what's in store in 2009! Enjoy a few of my favorite pics from the last couple months.

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