Monday, August 02, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Miles!

Let the terrible two's begin!  

We celebrated Miles' 2nd birthday on Saturday, but for me it seemed more like Christmas morning when I was age, oh about 5 through 15, when Jamie and I would wake up at the crack of dawn and run to collect our stocking goodies that Santa had left during the night.  Except this Saturday morning there were no stockings, no halls decked out with holly, and no remnants of the jolly guy treating us for excellent behavior throughout the year.  Oh, but it was the crack of dawn.  No, that's a lie.  Sunrise in Dallas on Saturday was at 6:43 am.  My special birthday boy was up at 5:42 am!  So that was actually WELL before dawn wasn't it?  Grrrr.

Anyway, he partied hard all day.  He got eggs, bananas, canteloupe, and chocolate donuts for breakfast (when you wake up that early, you get two breakfasts).  Then, Nino and Angie came and treated him to some fun family time and a petting zoo, while my parents, Jeremy, and I welcomed Elmo into our home to help us party later that afternoon.   

Miles loves Elmo, so of course Elmo was there with his pet goldfish Dorothy (who is actually a male beta fish named Dorothy thanks to an overly attached fish lover at Petsmart who wouldn't sell us a goldfish b/c we didn't have a 20 gallon fish palace for the dear thing to live in.  What!???  I'm pretty sure Wal-Mart never gives a flip about that.  Geez.), and all of Elmo's faves like cheese pizza and everything red.  And I kept the tradition I started last year of making the cake myself - only this year it was Elmo cupcakes!  FYI:  Elmo's least favorite thing (brussel sprouts) was no where to be found at the party.  Here are pics of the details.

Miles had the time of his life!  Six of his friends came to celebrate with him, along with a whole slew of grown-ups.  And while it was originally supposed to be a water fun party, 105 degree weather kept Elmo begging to stay in where it was nice and cool (to every parent's relief).  Mima and Papu brought this fun bounce-trampoline contraption, and I really can't imagine that the kids would have had a better time outside than they did with this.  It was a definite hit with the toddlers!

And of course the fun ended with snacks, cupcakes, and fun presents!  Miles loved every second.  Jeremy and I are so proud of him.  He is playful, observant, loving, and full of joy.  And he's go, go, go!  Just like his Daddy had always hoped.  

And to thank us for letting him have a day of all his favorites, Miles did something that I never could have dreamed... 

He woke up at 5 am Sunday morning!!!

I don't think Santa will be happy about that,



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Kristina said...

Very cute and festive, looks like a fun-filled day!! Hopefully your sweet little Miles will discover the gloriousness of sleeping in, and soon! 5 am, oh man!

Love your blog! You crack me up often! :)