Sunday, July 31, 2011

Miles is Three!

Three years ago today will likely go down in my history book as the scariest day of my life.  For it was exactly three years ago today that I was to give birth to a baby, my very first, with an unknown congenital heart defect. 

I say "unknown" because that's just what it was.  No cardiologist at Children's Hospital could tell us why our baby's heart was so jacked up, which meant that there was no real plan beyond, your baby needs to be born as soon as possible so that we can figure this out.  All we had were possible scenarios.  Take that bit of news, mix it with one of four outcomes we were told to prepare for (surgery, multiple surgeries, transplant, or death), and dear reader you have the perfect recipe for the scariest day of your life.

Fast forward three years later, and here we are celebrating the third year of Miles' life.  We celebrate his healthy heart, his infectious smile, and the pure and simple joy that he brings to our family.  And more importantly we celebrate God, who is love, and who had written all the days of Miles' life before he ever lived a single one.

Happy Birthday sweet Miles!  We love you.

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