Monday, June 25, 2012

Adoption: A Mad Beginning

Yes, you read that right. 

Jeremy and I are five months into a journey to bring home our forever child via adoption.  We know it's surprising.  We know it's a lot to process.  And, we know it might even be a little hard to digest for some.

But, this is the Plan.  We've been discussing it for eight years, always assuming this was in our path, and yet leaving plenty of room for our hearts to change.  But instead of change, there has only been a quickening in our spirits that tells us it is time to pursue our next son or daughter in this way.  So, that is what we are doing.

I plan to chronicle our adoption journey in this blog.  In part, so that family and friends can follow the details.  But more importantly, I am doing this for our child.  There will be a part of his or her beginning that no one will ever know - not me, and not his caregivers.  God knows, of course, for he wrote every single day of this little one's life before she lived a single one.  I'll do my very best to find out about those first days, months, and maybe even years of her life before us.  But in case the details are hidden with God until we see Him, the beginning for this child as I know it starts here.

We don't know who he or she is yet, but let me assure you that this child is loved...


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