Thursday, August 02, 2012

Bedtime Stories

Remember the twin platform bed we started building for Miles birthday?

Well, here it is in all it's DIY glory.

For now, we just put it right where Miles' crib-turned-toddler-bed was.  That's the reason for lack of art on this big blank wall (well, besides the No More Monkeys sign that went above the old bed).  This bed is certainly not perfect.  Note the dullness on the corner of the bed in the above picture.  This is what happens when you don't sand well enough.  I'm still proud of it though.  And more importantly, Miles absolutely loves it!  When he saw it he shouted, "A big boy bed!" and danced a little jig.  Love that.  Also, just minutes after revealing the new bed, Miles and Knox went into the room and shut the door.  After about 15 minutes of unexplained quietness, I finally went to check on them.  They were both on the bed with about 30 books and 25 "friends" (stuffed animals) spread out - each boy reading his own book quietly.  Double love!  Miles also asked Knox if he wanted to sleep with him that night.  Sometimes the cuteness around here is hard to handle I tell ya. 

I got the plans for the bed from the awesome Ana White.  It was so easy to build (I've never built anything in my life), and it cost us around $60.  Not bad, right?  There are also plans for a really cool headboard that I might eventually make as well.  The plan right now is for Knox to share a room with Miles when we bring our new baby home.  Therefore,  I will be building another twin bed just like this one when that happens.  Since I'm not sure how the layout of the furniture will be just yet, I'm waiting on the headboard for now.  I'm even tossing around the idea of putting the two beds head to head on adjacent walls and building a square storage table for the corner, so that it will also serve as a "headboard" for both beds.  We will see where we end up.

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