Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Adoption: We Have a PA!

Surprised is an understatement when I heard my phone ding, alerting me to a new email, and then I read these words in the headline - "Congrats - Your PA Has Arrived!"

Five days people!  We were expecting 2-4 weeks.

So this means that the CCCWA pre-approves us to adopt M, they agree to complete the review of our dossier, and now her name is attached to our family.  Yay!

Now we wait for the LSC, the formal referral of M to us.  Once we sign that, it's set, and that is when I can officially introduce her to you.  Right now they are processing these between 5-12 weeks.  Upon receipt of the LSC, the estimated time for travel is 3-5 months.  So, we could potentially be bringing her home in January!?  Oh what a Happy New Year that would be!

Excited doesn't begin to cover it. 

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