Sunday, January 27, 2013

Adoption: The Road to Insomnia

In the spirit of keeping it real around here, it must be said that lately I feel like I am hanging on by one, very thin emotional thread.  If you know me well, then you know that this is a fairly rare occurrence.


Once we got TA, I suddenly quit sleeping.  I wake up every hour and my mind spins faster than a room full of crazies after a presidential debate.  My master list has sub lists, and apparently 3 a.m. is an excellent time to etch each item on these lists a little deeper into my brain while adding and subtracting something here or there.  In short, we have 2.5 weeks to:

Get visas for me, Jeremy, and Miles
Get a VPN for our computer
Sand and paint Lakey's dresser
Gallery wall in Lakey's room
Suspend our mail
Oil change
Install third car seat
Transition Miles to a booster
Finalize time off with work
Finalize inner-China travel plans with GWCA
Load iPads with entertainment for kids
Clean out Lakey's closet and make room for her stuff
Get house sitter squared away
Teach parents how to Skype
Call credit card company
Chinese children's song playlist
Pack for me, Miles, and Lakey
Pack for Knox
Get a Final Four family pic
Get Miles' glasses adjusted
Clean out the fridge
Get family prescriptions
Get Lakey's prescriptions
Keep my sanity
Gifts for foster family
Gifts for orphanage
Gifts for Chinese officials
Make a pact with myself that I will not buy cheap, ridiculous souvenirs
Celebrate the first of many, MANY Chinese New Years
Rosetta Stone - keep trying, but memorize that Baby Mandarin pamphlet for back up
Brush up on baby Sign Language if all else fails
Stock up on melatonin

Well, you get it.  This scratches the surface anyway and gives you an idea of the things that hold my mind captive in the wee hours when it should be turned off.

Have I mentioned how excited I am to finally meet and hold my only daughter?

Lakey, you are so, SO loved.  I can't wait to make it official so that I can sleep again.

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