Sunday, January 06, 2013

Hawaii, Part II: The Bestie Gets Maui'd!

Back to finish our trip to Hawaii.

Since Miles broke his leg on our first day in Maui - well, it didn't really change anything other than having to carry around 38 extra pounds.  Everywhere we went.  Thankfully, the condo where we stayed was totally kid friendly and had a stroller tucked away in a closet.  We rarely travel with a stroller, so this was a huge relief given the circumstance.

The reason we booked this trip to Hawaii in the first place was to attend the wedding of one of my closest friends.  Tiffaney has been a bestie of mine for 10 years and I am thrilled that she and Chase are finally married (it was a 6-7 year process to get to this day).  The wedding was at the Olawalu Plantation House and it was absolutely gorgeous!  Check out a few pics from the day from the Northcutt vantage point.

The wind was nuts during the ceremony and through cocktail hour - check out Knox's hair taking flight!

Since Miles had to be perched on this rock while we waited for the reception to begin, he got to drink from a "fancy" cup.

Knox enjoyed two working legs and climbed atop every boulder he could get to.

Cocktail hour was evidently lasting a little too long for my crew.  And I wonder why I ended up with no pics of me with the bride?  Damage control.

At last we sit down and hope to preoccupy Miles and Knox with thoughts of yummy chicken fingers and mac & cheese headed their way.

Please note the floating chandeliers - there were two or three above each long table.  Simply stunning!

In an effort to keep the boys busy, calm, and attention-free I told them they could have their knives during dinner to butter their bread and what not (we always promptly remove knives from their place setting anytime we go out).  No sooner had this privilege been uttered from my mouth that Miles snatched up his knife and started stabbing the wooden table.  Alright, so the knives weren't a good idea.

Fire dancers to the rescue!  This was seriously so awesome!  The boys were enamored with the dancers - especially Miles.  He watched just like this with a big smile on his face for probably 30 minutes.  Pretty sure he had the best seat in the house!

Meanwhile, Knox had a hard time letting go of the fact that he wasn't allowed to use the flatware to carve up the table.  This is how many pieces I had to confiscate from him.  

Finally, he let go of the utensils and moved on to the dancers.  He was so funny throughout this whole thing.  He would get out of his chair, shake his booty and go crazy, then he meandered over to the guy drumming and start beating the bongos right along side him.  He was totally entertaining!  It was no surprise when Knox was the first volunteer the hula girl asked to join her for a hula demonstration.  And Knox had no reservations.  He just got right out there and swirled his hips around with the rest of them.

My only regret is that I don't have more pictures of the bride.  She looked beautiful and it was the wedding of her dreams.  So happy for her and Chase!

The rest of the trip was unplanned and perfect for our little family.  We spent lots and lots of time at the pool, at the beach, seeing the sights of Lahaina, and grubbing on the local fare.  One treat I absolutely must mention is the best snow cone I've ever had (ahem, excuse me - I mean shaved ice.  I was thus corrected by the garçon at shaved ice stand.).  It's a place called Ululani's, and it was so ridiculous that I still think about it all the time.

You can ask for ice cream underneath your flavor of choice.  Behold a scoop of macadamia nut ice cream under coconut, pineapple, and raspberry shaved ice.  Oh. My. Word.  

Yes, I just designated seven pictures to this very important part of our trip.  It's that good people.

It was such an awesome trip, and while Jeremy and I were hesitant at first to spend the money for all four of us to go, we are glad we did.  Miles and Knox impressed us so much by being such good little travelers!  They were such a joy to be with in Maui - snafus and all.

I leave with pictures from our last day at the beach.  When our boys play like this together, for Jeremy and me, all seems right in the world.


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