Monday, February 17, 2014

One Year with Lakey

One entire year.

Sometimes I go back and read my posts from China.  Every time I see the pictures from the first day we laid eyes on Shang Guan Ming Jia my heart jumps into my throat.  For the rest of my life she will, in my eyes, be the bravest girl I've ever known.  To remember her standing there in front of me that day, dressed in all her best layers, refusing even a sideways glance in my direction still makes me weep because I know that little 19 month old soul could sense change was coming.  And though it took her several minutes to mull it over, she finally mustered up the fortitude to turn and look me in the eye.  And literally, Lakey never looked back to the ones that brought her to us.

I can barely process it even still.  We are so thankful to God every day for creating this sweet girl and bringing us together.  This has surely been a year we won't forget, and the best is yet to be!

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