Thursday, May 28, 2015

Let It Go

I wrote this post exactly one year ago, and thankfully, I forgot about it.  Re-reading it was good for a laugh though as I realize how important it is for me to write retroactively.  You know, after the chill pill has worked its magic, though it seems it was starting to take effect by the end of the post. I think this rant came from a place in me that wishes our kiddos would stay little forever.  There is something in a child's innocence that helps mend the sprains, cracks, and sometimes the breaks we adults have sustained on the road to maturity and self awareness. I already know that time is passing at lightening speed, and graduation ceremonies scrape the bottom of my "Favorites" list because they remind me all too well that our children are here today and gone tomorrow.  Nevertheless, I hope I can go with the flow a little more gracefully than this during tonight's graduation (already another for Knox!).  Still, this excerpt reminded me that I need to relax and just make the most of these moments while they're here.

If I could live in a place where I made up the rules and called all the shots, everyone would eat iced cookies for breakfast and grow lollipops in their backyard.  The trees would bloom with Valentine Gobstoppers and the pool be full of bubbles. You know the kind. I would call this place, Lindsayland.   In Lindsayland, there would be exactly zero graduation ceremonies until at least high school, but maybe never.

Wouldn't it be nice?

But this is the real world people.  And in my world, I'm lucky if I can snag a mushy, black banana on my mad dash out the door each morning.  Furthermore, if anything grows in my backyard besides grass in the flower beds and weeds in the grass, then I don't know about it.  

Did you know, that in this wonderful world of ours, your kids now attend a graduation ceremony for pre-kindergarten?  I guess a high-five and a trip to the sno-cone stand isn't a sufficient accolade for four year olds these days.  Then of course the next year, your child puts on the white robe and unknowingly marches their little selves out of kindergarten and into the beginning of what will be twelve years of torture.  Congratulations kids!  Enter the gates and discover the world of homework!  Team projects!  Peer pressure!  Physical awkwardness!  Mean girls!  You've earned it loves!

Well as fate would have it, all three of our kids will attend pre-k once and kindergarten twice.  That's three graduations per child (Lord willing).  Three children.  Nine graduations before high school. 


So let's get on with the documentation of #2 and #3, shall we?

You definitely get a heaping spoonful of cuteness at these things.  That's the one thing.  Look at these little sweethearts with their wardrobe a step above athletic shorts and t-shirts!  That alone is worth celebrating.  I think Knox has a look of uncertainty as to whether or not he will be receiving his diploma.  Like maybe he never saw the results of that last make-you-or-break-you test, and he's hanging onto a hope and a prayer?  Perhaps some of you can relate.

But alas!  At age four, Knox graduated from pre-k!

His teacher is Miss McKinney, and she occupies the top spot on his love interest list.  She is by far and away the best teacher any of our kids have had up to this point.  We have been so impressed by her, and we are thrilled that she will be the private kindergarten teacher next year!  So, Knox will have her again! 

He says she is his best friend and he wants to marry her.  Look at him holding her sister's baby for goodness' sake!  A boy that's good with children will take down any girl.  He's got game.

Like every other graduating class in America, Knox's class song was Let It Go, from the hit Disney movie Frozen.  He had the lyrics memorized long before he had to sing them in front of a crowd.  As you can see, he was not afraid to bring it.

He was so excited to be graduating this year!  His eyes were always on us there in the front row.  He was so proud of himself and he wanted to make sure we were watching his every step.

Front and center, soaking it all in.  I hope he waves to me from the stage like that when he graduates from high school.

And here was his sentiment when it was all said and done.  Looks like a kid who may have charmed his way to the next level if you ask me.  #suckas 

Miles conquered his test round of kindergarten!  With his birthday falling so late in the summer, Jeremy and I made the decision a while back that we would hold onto him an extra year before officially starting him in school.  We talked to several friends and family members who are school teachers or counselors, and it was their unanimous recommendation to give him that extra year of maturity.  He will repeat kindergarten in the public system this coming school year.

Miles' teacher for this first go around was Mrs. Kaiser, and she was the perfect teacher for him.  She really helped him (and us) work through some issues that I think will leave him much better prepared for school this year. 

Miles is not one for being in front of a crowd, and during his class song (something made up to the tune of the Adams Family) he hid behind another boy the whole time.  Luckily, I was able to catch a couple of shots of his shining face when he got his diploma.

Though it's never fun to be reminded that time is marching on despite my efforts to slow it down, I am incredibly proud of these two precious souls.  And truth be told, I would attend a hundred graduations for the chance to sit and soak them in a little bit more.

I guess Lindsayland will have to wait until Alzheimers sets in.


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