Thursday, August 07, 2008

Happy One Week Birthday Miles!

It is late morning as I'm writing this, and as of right now we haven't made it to the hospital yet to see Miles. Since I am unable to drive just yet, a typical day has been for Jeremy to pick me up sometime after lunch and we head over to Parkland. He comes up for a quick visit and then leaves me for a few hours while he finishes up afternoon appointments and what not for work. Then he comes back, we stay a bit longer, go home for a couple of hours, and then back to Parkland around 8:00 p.m.

I always call in the mornings to check on Miles, and as of early this morning there weren't many changes and the doctors hadn't made their morning rounds yet where they discuss the daily plan for each baby in the NICU. So hopefully I'll have more good news to share later in the day. But Jeremy and I are thrilled to be celebrating Miles' one week birthday today!! No doubt it's been the longest, most emotionally rattling week of our lives to date, but we are just so thankful for our new joy! I thought I'd post a few more pictures we've taken of Miles over the last week.


Royal said...

hey lindsay....I am glad things are going well and i know you can't waith to get Miles home.....

lindsayloo said...

look at that little cutie!!! Happy One week birthday baby boy!!
Can't wait to come visit your whole family at home. =)