Saturday, October 25, 2008

First Day!

I started back to work on Monday, so Miles has now completed his first week at Primrose School! The picture to the right is him bright eyed and ready for his first day. I have quickly learned that it takes quite a bit of planning to get yourself AND a baby ready and out the door on time each morning. So kudos to all you moms out there who are doing it now or have done it in the past. Fortunately, I have a husband willing to get up extra early to help. Nonetheless, I wasn't exactly sure how this week was going to go, and I had already told my boss last week to expect me to be late on Monday. I suppose it was inevitable that I would be exhausted all week, but in spite of the fatigue, it actually went really well! Each day I woke up before Miles at 5:30 a.m. and got myself ready. Then, I'd wake Jeremy up at 6:30 and he would load the car with diaper bag, breast pump, and whatever else while I fed Miles. Next, it was tag team to Jeremy and he would change and dress Miles for the day while I would get my shoes and any other last minute things. Finally, off to Primrose. I had Miles there by 7:00 each morning, and I was headed to Dallas by 7:15. Whew! Somehow I was never late to work which kind of suprised me. :)

Miles' teachers said that he did great for his first week. I think it was definitely harder on me than him. It was painful to leave him every day after having spent all day, every day, with him for the past 8 weeks. The good thing is that when I'm at Primrose I feel really good about the place itself. It's very clean and safe, and the teachers I've met all seem very nice and great at what they do. It was definitely hard though, to kiss Miles and say goodbye. Jeremy picked him up every day but one this week, and Miles is completely pooped by the time he gets home! We usually let him nap about an hour, and then it's dinner, bath, a little playtime, and beddy. Oh, how I've missed him this week! I do enjoy being back at work, but I might be a little extra clingy when I get home. Ha! He's just so sweet and I love, love, LOVE taking care of him!

Here are a few new pics from the last couple weeks. Miles is now 12 weeks old. Unbelievable!

My best friend Jamie.

We went to Norman for the OU/Kansas game last weekend. Miles got to play with his cousin, Lawson.

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