Sunday, January 31, 2010

Making a Comeback.

Yup, you can stop blinking and start believing your very own eyes. This is a brand spankin' new post coming all the way from Nestlewood Lane! That's right, the Northcutt's are homeowners once again (or double homeowners, whatever you want to call it). After a year of on-and-off-again looking, we finally found a great house in an awesome little community in Grapevine and just moved in a couple weeks ago. I won't dish about the house itself - I mean, it's just a house and who really cares - but the point I wish to make is that it feels WONDERFUL to have a place to call home again. Finally, we have a place to find community with, and FINALLY! I have all my worldly possessions, such as a my awesome green plastic storage containers and my waffle iron, back under my roof again. Ah, feels good! Doesn't feel so great, however, owning (and paying for) two homes during this booming economy, but for some reason the Lord has blessed us and is making a way. At least, I think He is. We haven't actually had to pay double mortgage yet (you gotta love how the lenders give you an extra month between closing and that first mortgage payment to let your stomach stop churning at the thought that you just signed everything away but your firstborn to make the purchase). But, I figure that if we come to realize that we've way overestimated ourselves then the Lord will surely bless me with a weekend shift at Taco Bell to make up the difference. Stay tuned.

But the biggest, most special, most wonderful (and surprising) blessing of 2009 was Knox Davis Northcutt! Born October 1st, 2009. He is healthy, beautiful, and the most chill baby in the world. Easy, peezy. And life would just not be the same without him. So that's my excuse for abandoning the blog for 2009. I was pregnant most of the year, working, and chasing after an ever-changing, extremely mobile toddler. Miles was just 14 months old when Knox was born, and let me tell you. I can sum up the entire year in one word - EXHAUSTING! All my free moments were usually spent with my feet propped up on the coffee table or soaking in a bubble bath.

Jeremy is still with Nobel and loves using his gift of woo. He's such a good dad. Miles absolutely adores him, and although Knox would smile at a robber taking the paci right out of his mouth, I know that he adores him too. That threesome is going to have their share of laughs in this lifetime, no doubt!

Miles turned 18 months old today and is our little Tazzy. Jeremy always said he wanted a boy who was into everything. Well, he's got it! Miles made a sign for his bedroom door that says, "Play Hard or Go Home!" Not really, but you'd think that was his motto. My parents and I joke that when Miles walks in a room he thinks to himself, "Seek and Destroy!" Oh, I'm sure it's just the toddler way, but he makes us laugh with his curiosity and that ornery little lift in his eyebrow as he tests the boundaries. An absolute joy though! Loves his "Daddy,""Mama," and "Bubba." 2010 is sure to be an adventure!

Here are a few more pics to catch you up!

Back in the saddle,