Friday, July 02, 2010

A Parade, a Project, and Summer Splashin'

A few times a year, the brave faculty members at the boys' day school rally their classes, block off the parking lot, and have a dress-up parade -usually to celebrate a holiday.  Today was the 4th of July parade.  It's pretty hilarious to watch the early preschool 2 year olds come aimlessly out of the gates, wondering what the heck is going on.  

The infant group is pretty humorous too.  I think they have exactly two cribs on wheels specifically for parades.  Jeremy said Knox had just awoke from a short nap and wasn't in the mood to show off for a crowd.  I don't blame you bub.  You were darn cute anyway.

So lately I've been borderline obsessed with a blog that I stumbled upon several weeks ago.  It is written by a young couple who bought their first house in Richmond and have totally redone it on the inside and out almost entirely themselves.  The transformation is quite incredible.  They are all about doing everything on the cheap, which usually means doing it yourself.  Anyway, this is as high on my daily "Things to do before 10:30 am" list as drinking coffee, reading the news, and taking a stroll on Rue La La.  Actually, it's higher than reading the news b/c I usually just opt out of that all together and catch America Live with Megyn Kelly on the radio during lunch and call it good.  But anyway.  I now have this looooong list of DIY projects that I'm dying to start - all thanks to Young House Love.  You can find the blog here and see what I mean.

It's this site that led me to obtain my very own electric sander for Father's Day.  That's right, I'm not too proud to ask for a gift on someone else's holiday.  And I put it right to use.  Here are the before and afters - I'll let the pictures do the talking.



I actually surprised myself with how it turned out.  Next up, the piano.

And last but not least, Tejas is HOT!  And what could be better than cooling off in a $7 blowup pool?  Well, maybe just cooling off in a $7 blowup pool with a Route 44 Sonic pop.

Summer lovin, having a blast,

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NINO said...

Those pictures are great. Lindsay
you did a terrific job on the piano stool.