Thursday, May 13, 2010

Colorado, 30, and a Pesky Brother...

We're headed to the mountains in 36 hours - all four of us.  And, I've got to pack everything but the kitchen sink.  So in true, champion procrastinator form - it's the perfect time to post something to my blog.  Next, I might even clean the oven or dust the fans.  Who knows?  I always get my best cleaning done when there is something more pressing.  I'm probably giving my mom an ulcer as we speak.

But I always get it done.

Well, I turned the big 3-0 almost a month ago.  Yikes!  During the week leading up to my day I wasn't exactly sure what I thought about it - not a basketcase, but not exactly thrilled either.    But the actual day of turned out to be fantastic!  How could waking up to this not be an excellent start to any day??

I had several gifts and cards awaiting me thanks to a very thoughtful husband and two little sweetie pea good boys.  Then, Jeremy had arranged for me and my friend Lauren to get manicures and pedicures together.  And later that night we went to dinner with four of our friends.  It was a great day!  Not tragic at all, as it turns out.

A lot of you have been asking how Miles is doing since his seizure.  He is wonderful!  He's been at full speed ever since and has never looked back.   He's such a special little boy.  He is loving, spirited, stubborn, encouraging, happy, and about as ornery as they get!  He LOVES his Bubba!  I'm already seeing little foreshadowings of what it's going to be like with two boys very close in age.  Miles is taking full advantage of being the bigger, stronger, more balanced brother right now.  He pesters Knox every chance he can get.  His choice move of the month is to walk up while Knox is on his tummy, turn around, back up to him and sit down right on Knox's back!  Oh, what fun!  Miles just throws his head back and laughs.  And he laughs harder when I get on to him for it.  Not a good sign.   But at the same time, I think Miles is Knox's biggest fan.  When Knox does something new, or starts jabbering, splashing, or laughing - Miles looks at him and starts laughing too.  It's heaven!

Knox is growing up even faster than I remember Miles doing it.  Boooooo!  He's doing everything earlier than Miles.  Rolling over at 4 1/2 months, sitting up by himself at 5 months, crawling at 6 1/2 months, and sitting up from a laying down position at 7 months!  Somebody stop this baby!  Miles didn't crawl until he was 9 1/2 months, so I was floored when Knox started crawling 3 months earlier than that.  I think he must've realized that with Miles around - you get mobile or you die.  But as frustrating as a pesky older brother undoubtedly should be - Knox is extremely chill.  He rarely cries, even when Miles is trying to ram a sippy cup down his throat.  He calmly trusts that his parents will save him in plenty of time, and he patiently gets his dig in later by death gripping a lock of Miles hair when Miles decides to lay on top of him.  That, my friend, is how you make a toddler squeal.  You gotta get the jaws of life to loosen the grip of a 7 month old!

Off to rearrange the living room,

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Nita Sargent said...

Lindsay that was wonderful. You are so good at this. What a wonderful time you all will have traveling together.
Love to all. Nino