Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Incident

We had an incident.  I even have an Incident Report to prove it.  We got it last Friday from school.  It reads as follows:

Incident:  "Knox has not been very nice to his friends today.  He has been pulling hair and hitting."

Action Taken:  "Talked to Knox about how we are nice to friends.  Knox then threw a fit and hit his teachers."

Actually, the report has since been thrown away, but these words are etched in my mind for eternity.  This is my angel baby, but if I'm honest I've seen the potential for this coming and even mentioned it to my mom a few times.

"Mom, I think Knox just might turn out to be a little stinker one of these days.  He's got that look in his eye."  

And now there's proof.  I destroyed it though.  Denial?  Just look at this face.

I'm gonna get worked a lot from here on out and I know it.  I better toughen up now.  Mom says not to worry - he's not a prison candidate.


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He does have that look in his eyes... coldness... a heart of stone veiled in cuteness.