Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Springtime = Zoo Time!

We took a fun trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo a couple of weekends ago with our friends Ian & Colleen, and their baby, Tate.  The weather has been perfect for the past couple of weeks, so we are trying to enjoy the outside as much as possible before the scorching summer approaches.  Miles and Knox love animals.  LOVE.  Miles especially.  So off we went for our second ever trip to the zoo as a family of four.  Lots of pics below.

The double stroller saves us.  Miles & Knox aren't so keen on strollers, but this keeps them on equal footing so they don't seem to mind.

Our stroller is not the easiest thing to get around stairs.  I have to wonder if there wasn't a ramp somwhere that we were missing?

Colleen, Ian, and Tate.

Have you ever seen a hippo out of the water?  I had not.  Such strange creatures.  Jeremy told me they could outrun a human.  Doesn't seem possible as slowly as this guy was moving.

Momma's boy.

Daddy's boy.

What else?  Digging for snacks.

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