Monday, October 31, 2011

Thank You for the Trick or Treats

Tonight we ventured into new territory - trick or treating.  It was a whole new concept to both Miles & Knox, I mean, Batman & Joker, so we had to do a little practice run before we headed out for the evening.

Knock, knock...

Trick or Treat!

It worked!

Off to give it a real try...

Success!  Batman's parting words for the candy-giver was, "Thank you for the trick or treats!"  So, with the first house down, it was on!  We made an occasional stop for a spoooooky photo op.

The superhero and villain hit up two cul-de-sacs and decided to head home to count their spoils.  Batman was psyched and took off at lightning speed.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

The bitter enemies obliged for a final pictorial.

And then it was a race upstairs where they could marvel at their bag of treats.  Batman methodically dumped his candy out and started counting.

And the Joker took a more random approach.  He got naked and dove in "grab-bag" style.

They were allowed to eat two pieces each before bath and bedtime.  What fun!

It was a magical night for Batman & the Joker!  Happy Halloween everyone!

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