Friday, July 20, 2012

All the Cool Kids Have A Green Piano

Our piano is special to me because it has belonged in the hands of both my parents and grandparents.  My parents bought it almost 30 years ago for themselves, but then they gave it to my Mema and Papa a few years later when they built their new house (and Dad gave Mom the baby grand).  This upright piano was given to me after my Mema passed away, and I love it even though it could use a good tuning. 

While I admit that it is very lovely in its natural state, it wasn't quite me.

I have been threatening to paint it for several years now, but the task was too daunting.  So the best I could do was wish and wish for the fairy paint mother to magically appear and give it a good makeover.  Little did I know I was petitioning the wrong fantasy.  For it was Jolly ol' Saint Nick who found the wonderful Linde Giddens to give this 30 year old (the piano, not me) some new spunk.

Behold, Cinderellie.

I know what you're thinking.  Why?

Because life's too short not to give your family room a little flava. 


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