Friday, August 10, 2012

Miles' Rainbow Fish Party

The mind of a 3 year old is ever changing.  This is truth.  I asked Miles months in advance of his 4th birthday if he wanted to have a party, and if so, what kind?  His response was anything under the sun, moon, and Mars depending on the weather and what character was printed on his undies that day.  I heard everything from Green Lantern, to Batman, Spiderman, firetrucks, and even a koala bears - all possibilities.  After a bazillion different answers to the same question, I finally realized that Miles couldn't care less what kind of party he had.  If it was about him, it was going to be good enough.

I love the printable designs over at Amanda's Parties To Go.  I've done several birthday/holiday parties using her designs, and when I saw this Rainbow Fish collection I was excited.  It is adorable, and frankly I wanted to dodge super heroes for this event since it is becoming apparent that I'm going to have two of them around again for Halloween this year.  These printables are nice because we have a laser printer and a whole closet designated to crafting, so decorating for the party in this way was super cheap (albeit a bit time consuming).

I made the cupcakes again this year.  Miles requested strawberry cake with white frosting.  Like father, like son.

Look at these cute starfish cookies surrounded by rainbow fish!  My mom made these, and they are better than any iced cookie you can buy in a bakery, in my humble opinion.

One of Miles little friends has a birthday about a month before Miles every year.  She has these blowout parties that are just as fun for the adults as the kids.  Anyway, the last two (maybe three) years she has had one of these water slides.  They are gargantuan, and ever since Britton's party, the one request Miles was actually consistent on was having a water slide.  So we obliged.  This one barely, barely fit in our backyard.  But it was a total hit, and we even got to keep it until the next afternoon after the party.  Miles and Knox wore it out both days!!  

This is Baby Tate.  His parents are some of our best friends.

In all, Miles had five friends at his party, but the only ones I managed to take pictures of were Knox and Tate.  Plus, I asked that no one bring gifts, so there was never really a time when everyone was gathered in one area except for when Miles blew out his candles.  Jeremy was in charge of those pics while I got the candles ready, but they all turned out too dark.  Don't worry, I made Miles reinact the scene after everyone left the party so I could get a decent candle-blowing shot.  I'm thoughtful like that.  And, Miles deserved to have documentation as he redeemed himself from last year's candle-blowing showdown meltdown.  Remember this?

Much better this year.  Calm, cool, collected.

Details, details...

Miles is blessed to have two sets of grandparents who came to celebrate with him.  Here he is with Mima and Papu.

And here is Nino swinging with Knox and Tate.

The family portrait.

And after everyone left, even I couldn't resist the thrill of the slide.

I can't believe another birthday has gone by.  At age four, Miles is so much fun to be around.  He is aware of everything going on around him.  He surprises us all the time by chiming in on conversations that Jeremy and I think we are having alone.  His nickname could be Curious Miles.  He wants to know about everything, and most nights he asks me to come in after I tuck Knox in bed so that we can talk.  Any conversation will do, but he particularly likes to talk about "what God did."  It has been my greatest joy this year to tell my sweet boy that God is Love and that Jesus is the savior of the world.

Happy 4th birthday, Miles Walker Northcutt!  We love you. 

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