Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Train Ride and Two Future Olympians

The other day I found myself documenting the entire day via Instagram, which is a cool photo-sharing tool that allows you to put a filter on your photos that gives them a look much like a Polaroid.

It was a great day.  None of it was really planned, but days like that often turn out to be the best days, don't they?  I adore the family that God has made us.  I love the innocence of my kids and watching them discover the world with total excitement.  So fun!

We made our way over to Fort Worth with the intention of taking Miles and Knox to the Fort Worth Children's Museum, only to arrive and learn that we were an hour and a half too early.  Boo!  But then we remembered that there is a little train near the zoo that we've been wanting to ride with the boys.  All aboard!

Does anyone else know how it feels to always have a superhero by your side no matter where you go? Well, I'll tell you.  Pretty stinkin' awesome - bad guys can't touch us!

The 45 minute train ride warranted the reading of this sign to Miles Batman and Knox exactly two times.  Both times we added, "AND NO STANDING UP."  It's one of the perks of having illiterate children.

I love this picture because it depicts two characteristics of Miles.  His eyes are wide open, he's curious, wanting to see and do things, but also wanting the security of daddy or mommy or someone.  He gets so excited by so much, but he cautiously explores the unknown.  I love this boy.

And then there is Knox.  Pushed over independently to the edge of the bench, wind in his hair, waving to the passers-by, and singing Happy Birthday to no one in particular after we passed a picnic table with balloons tied to it.  There is no caution in this boy.  He is fearless, and I have to admit that it terrifies me a little.

Here are a few sights from the Texas tracks.

Toward the end of the ride, Miles had had enough of the train's frequent choo-chooing.

We're into showing our muscles right now.  This is induced by a healthy amount of superhero study on weekends.  Knox is showing you his Superman muscles.  Miles is biding his time until the train ride is over.

Later in the afternoon after nap time, we did something that's pretty common at Nestlewood Lane.  We remember how awesome it would be to have a pool to help fight the dog days of summer.  But instead of complaining, we unashamedly break out the air compressor and blow up the 4 foot diameter round pool.  Then we flank it with a crazy sprinkler, so it becomes our very own redneck, backyard water park.

I dug up two pair of these goggles and the boys were thrilled to stick their faces in six inches of water to "see" the bottom.

More muscle flexing.

What do you think?  The next Phelps and Lochte?

Did you know that rain boots make good watering cans?

Yep, future gold medalist for sure.  This is what a champion looks like folks.  Olympics 2028!!

We capped off a wonderful day with homemade pizza, salad, watermelon, and of course some chocolate chip cookies.  My cup runneth over.

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