Thursday, September 13, 2012

Knox Talks: On Being Kind to Others

Yesterday, Ms. Lonny told me that Knox had a rough day and she had to put him in Time Out twice.  She said it broke her heart each time (you see, when Knox gets punished he pushes out his bottom lip and musters up these big crocodile tears, then clings to your leg or begs for a hug.  He's a slippery little sucker.).

Anyway, I was talking with him last night as we were rocking before bed.

Me:  Knox, were you not being a good listener today and that's why Ms. Lonny put you in time out?

Knox:  No, I just pulled Avery's hair.

Me:  Knox, we don't pull people's hair.

Knox:  Why?

Me:  Because it's not nice, and it hurts the person whose hair you're pulling.  Tomorrow I want you to try to be kind to your friends and not pull anybody's hair.

Knox (with an exasperated sigh):  Ohhhhhh-kaaaaay, I will tryyyyyyyy.  But I hope I like it.

Me:  Me too.

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