Monday, September 10, 2012


If I only learn to speak five phrases that my daughter will understand when we meet, then this was worth every penny.

Ni hao.

Four to go.


Stepping said...

Lindsey, about two months ago I read a book "Silent Tears" by Kay Bratt. The book broke my heart for the orphans of China. Then I saw your post on FB and started following your journey to adopt. I can tell you that there is absolutely no one in this world that I feel will be a better mother to a special needs child than you. As I read about your family and see the relationship you have with your boys, I know that any child lucky enough to be a part of your family will be truly blessed. As a grandmother to three adopted little ones, I know that the love and joy they bring to a family is incredible. You are in my prayers and I am so proud of this decision you have made and your willingness to let God work His will in your life and family.
Susan Bales

lindsaycutt said...

Thank you for your comment Susan. It encourages me a ton, and I have to admit that I am intrigued by the book you read. Not sure if I can muster up the courage to read it at this point in our journey, but one day I think I will. Thank you for praying for us and following along with us. I have a feeling that little M will bless us far more than we will her.