Thursday, November 01, 2012

Adoption: Gimme an L-S-C!

Earlier today, I reserved tonight to go to bed early because I'm not feeling so well.

But what I have to say cannot wait to be written.

It took 8 weeks from the time of PA, but we received our Letter Seeking Confirmation (LSC) for M today!  While we try to be thankful always for all things, I can't help but recognize that this month of focused thanksgiving has just started off with a huge bang!  Praise God!

I know the impact of this won't be as great to those who are not/have not navigated the Chinese adoption world for yourself or alongside a friend or loved one, but this is huge news!   It means that we definitely have a daughter!  America sees fit, China sees fit, and God saw fit. It's emotional for me today because I no longer must worry that somehow we will lose her.  Jeremy and I have both been confident that she was our daughter, but the wait to set it in stone has been difficult.  Mostly for me I would say.

Her mother.

But!  This is also exciting for you, my faithful reader, because:

I can now formally introduce this precious little punkin' to you!

Her name is Shang Guan Ming Jia, but we will name her Lakey Ming Jia Northcutt.  She will be 16 months old in seven days.  Her Chinese name was given to her by the director of the orphanage where she was abandoned.  Shang Guan is her surname and there are several children in her particular orphanage with that same name.  Ming Jia is her unique given name and it means "bright family (or home)."  Names in China are significant and thoughtful, so it is likely that this name was given to Lakey in hopes that she would have a great family one day.  I don't know if we fit that description, but we sure are willing to give it all we've got. 

This is the first picture I saw of her.  It came in her file and it's my favorite (and one of only three pictures that I have).  This is the girl we fell head over heels in love with.

To me, she is everything that's lovely.  I know what you must be thinking.

1.  She looks so young.

2.  What on earth is she wearing??

Her file was compiled when she was only 5 months old and so that is also her age in this photo.  I have requested an update on her - asking lots of specific questions about her development, her personality, her favorites, updated photos, etc...but I haven't heard back yet.  The request was submitted 7 weeks ago.  Waiting is the pits.

As for what she is wearing, I can't be sure if it is to make her appear fatter (healthier), or if it is because this picture would have been taken in December when it is very cold in China and she is all bundled up.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll do some research and find a good answer someday.  She is probably just a fashion forward girl.

Lakey lives in Shanggao County, Jiangxi Province, P.R. China.

She is described as being a quiet girl who is fond of listening to music.  Her report also says that when she is happy she will laugh aloud with the sound of a princess.

Bless her heart.  I don't know how the princess vibe is gonna fly in this house of rowdy knuckleheads, but we will do our best to oblige.

My cup runneth over.

More to come when I know something and when my head isn't about to explode!

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Pesky said...

She is adorable. I'm anxious to meet her when she arrives home.
Love you guys,