Monday, November 05, 2012

Miles and Knox, Meet Lakey.

I introduced Miles and Knox to Lakey (or her picture) way back in August, just before bedtime one night.

I had two means of capturing their first, honest reactions:

1.  Video camera.
2.  Digital camera - our good one.

Both died right after I opened the computer for the big reveal.  Wop, wop!

In the middle of the boys' first "Awwwww"s, I snapped the computer lid shut and said, "Hold on!"  Then I slid down the banister, grabbed my iPhone, and hurdled two steps at a time back upstairs.

"Okay, now!" I said.  Obviously out of breath.

The quality of my pictures - menial.  Miles and Knox's reactions - priceless.

Both boys wanted to "hold her."  Each by themselves of course.  To this day Knox still tells me that Lakey is just his sister and that Miles can have another sister "by himself."

After several minutes of Miles grinning and studying Lakey's picture, I said to him, "So Miles, what do you think of your sister?"

His exact words were matter-of-fact, "Cutie-cutie!"

Then I asked Knox the same question.  His sweet two year old words, "Tootie-tootie!"

And they hopped off the couch and started playing trains.

She's gonna be loved.

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