Monday, November 19, 2012

Adoption: We Have an Update!

It took 9 weeks and 2 days, but on Friday, November 16th we finally received an update on Lakey!  Yay!  This was a hard wait for me, I must say, because all we knew of our sweet girl was the information in her file that was recorded when she was five months old - almost a year ago!  Every day my heart would jump into my throat when I would hear my phone *ding*, alerting me to a new email.  As one could probably predict (including me), no update came until I stopped being anxious about it.  The trip to Maui was a good distraction as I sort of lost track of real time and place.  Also, Miles did a noteworthy job on the distraction front by taking the family on another medical adventure while we were in paradise.  Oh, the irony!  More on that to come.

But back to Lakey.  Here is one of the new pictures of our little sweetie pea!

That face!  I can't wait for it to have a permanent place in all our family photos.  Her update says that she can stand alone for a while but didn't make any mention that she could walk just yet.  Her favorite food is boiled eggs, so I guess I'll need to get more intentional about perfecting those.  I only attempt it once a year at Easter, and mine always end up "soft boiled."  Don't judge.  Mom, help!  Although, who knows how they boil eggs in China?  Anyone?  Maybe they are steamed and not hard boiled at all?

One thing that surprised me was to read that she is "an extrovert, active, smart, and sometimes impatient."  I guess I'm only surprised because her first report said that she was quiet and lauged like a princess.  Extrovert - eek!  Maybe it was mistranslated and supposed to say diva. 

Or perhaps she's a normal, 16 month old little girl.

"She laughs loudly when happy and when something doesn't meet her mind, she will cry."

Sounds exactly like her brothers to me.  She fits in perfectly. 

And I am officially moving my bedtime up to 8:30 p.m.

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