Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Adoption: We Accept!

Really, we accepted Ming Jia as our daughter the first time we laid eyes on her, but here we are signing the Letter Seeking Confirmation, which is China's official referral of Ming Jia to us.  All we had to do was check the box that we accept (!) and sign it.  You can't see it here, but I have to say that the LSC is a beautiful document - definitely one for the memory book (I had several color copies made to keep since you have to send the original back to China).

So now what?  We overnighted a copy of the LSC on November 5 to the USCIS/National Benefits Center along with our I-800 application.  Back in June the USCIS approved our I-800A application which was our request to adopt a foreign child.  This time it is the I-800 which is the request to adopt Ming Jia specifically.  We had to send them all of her referral documents which included her photos and medical reports.  Approval should take 3-5 weeks.  Ten days have already passed since I filed.  Once we receive this approval I will let you know the next step.

We are getting closer!

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