Friday, February 15, 2013


And only slightly worse for the wear.  

Miles took the flight like a champ.  Thirteen hours and 6600 miles from Detroit to Beijing and not a single tear was shed and he maybe whined once as he was getting sleepy.

He kept himself very entertained.  He brought an army.

Our guide, Grace, was not at the airport to greet us like we had been told.  She did, however, send a driver who could not speak a lick of English.  Unfortunately for us, I have not yet reached the transportation section of Rosetta Stone.  Might have come in handy.  We knew that there were two other adoptive families on our flight, so we just zeroed in on them by way of profiling and somehow we got it figured out between the six of us.  We safely made it to the hotel, where we finally met Grace and she went over some basics with us and gave us our agenda for tomorrow.

The smog doesn't appear to be too bad, but we came equipped with masks just in case.  Apparently, the air is quite a bit cleaner right now since we are on the heels of Chinese New Year.  I guess a lot of the factories have been closed down over the past week in honor of all the festivities.   

So far, Miles is taking it all in stride - as are we.  We are tired and fighting to stay up long enough to get our bodies on local time.  Miles was very disappointed to hear that the hotel pool here in Beijing is under construction.  That's really all he wants to do while we are here - swim.  He reminds us of it over and over and over again.  Luckily, Grace informed him that there would be a great pool at our hotel in Nanchang.  We will be there in just two days - and he will be swimming with his new sister.

Can't believe we are here and this is finally happening.  Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Time for some zzzz's.  


Colleen said...

Yay! SO excited for yall. Prayers are coming your way from 6600 miles away :)

Robin Lakey said...

Good luck tomorrow on meeting your daughter. Tell her aunt Robin, Uncle Jamie, Lawson and Landry say hi and we can't wait to meet her. :)