Thursday, March 21, 2013

Long Overdue

It's been one month since Gotcha.  I can't believe it.  It seemed like we would never get to Gotcha Day to begin with, let alone be a month past it.

Lakey is fitting into our family beautifully.  Discovering the wonder of this little girl has been such a joy!  There is so much to tell about her!

She is so beautiful.

She eats a boiled egg every morning.  Sans yolk.  She spits it right out so I don't even try.  She has eaten everything I have put on her plate so far, and I have given her some things that my boys would totally melt down over (i.e. plain steamed carrots and plain steamed broccoli).  I can tell when something isn't her favorite by the way she gags a little, but she will get almost anything down without any real complaint (though her "all done" sign language hands come up pretty fast on carrots, broccoli, and raspberries).

The day Lakey came to us, she was still taking 3-4 bottles of formula and rice cereal a day even though she was also eating solid food and drinking milk.  I cut the formula and rice cereal after two days while we were still in China because I couldn't see any reason for her to be on it since she was eating and drinking milk so well.  I have kept her on two milk bottles a day, however, as a source of comfort and bonding between us.  She holds her own bottle, but I always hold her while she drinks it.  As she eats, she quietly points to objects around the room and waits for me to say its name.  Today, if you ask her where her nose and eyes are and she can point to them.  It is amazing to me what she seems to understand already.

She can say a few words - mommy, puppy, ball, and doggie.  She can hear a dog barking 5 houses away and it frightens her to death.  So she learned to say puppy (what I call all dogs pretty much) right away.  She can also sign the words more and please.

On the fifth day of being home, Jeremy worked with Lakey on standing up from a sitting position.  She picked it up within minutes, and though she was really wobbly at first, she is doing it like a pro now.  Sometimes she even gets herself all the way to a squatting position just to plop back down on her bottom so that she can do it all over again.

Last week we were finally able to submit all of Lakey's stool samples that we've been collecting.  The lab analyzes it for parasites on all internationally adopted children.  It's one of the grossest things I've done in my life.  Disgusting to infinity!  

We had her first doctors visit the week after we got home, and she made the American charts!  50th percentile on height, and 5th on weight.  She weighs a whopping 21 pounds!

The girl is flexible!  I think gymnastics is in her future.

If ever she had a fear of baths before, there is not a single trace of it today.  In fact, she usually sheds tears when it's time to get out.  She would splash water for an hour if I'd let her.

Lakey loves music.  If she hears a note, she stops and pays attention.

She is completely fine with her daddy now unless she needs consoling (during the night or if she's hurt), and then she wants nothing to do with him.  In fact, even a pat from him can send her spiraling off into the depths of despair.

She is my shadow.  Everywhere I go, she goes.  Bathroom, yep.  Shower, always (she stands outside the glass door and says "Mommy" over and over until I come out).

I put her hair in pigtails much of the time because her bedhead is so frightful and fuzzy in the mornings that it's the only real solution unless I wet it.  

We call her Lakey, Jia-Jia, Jodge, and Jodgy so far.  Once in awhile I even call her Ming Jia in some Chinese tonal accent if I think she's not hearing me.  It sounds very authentic to me, but I'm sure she only looks my way because she thinks I'm nuts.

Everyone in our house is in love with Miss Lakey Ming Jia.  She was well worth the wait!


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