Sunday, March 03, 2013

Last Appointment

February 27 was our appointment with the American Consulate.  It was the appointment that determined the dates we would be in China in the first place.  We took all of the paperwork that we've been gathering since we've come to China (medical reports, adoption registration, Lakey's passport, etc.) so that they could process her visa overnight.  We also had to take an oath on behalf of Lakey - right hand raised and all.  I really meant to totally listen and remember the gist of what I was promising this great Land of ours, but in my peripheral vision I was watching Miles climb on top of a rickety playhouse in the kids' area, and my focus was thwarted.  Sorry America.  I'm sure I would have meant whatever it was that came out of my mouth.  I think it was some kind of new immigrant oath that adoptive parents must take for their children.  The same one that all immigrants must take before becoming a U.S. citizen.

Overall, it was uneventful really.  But an important step in the process nonetheless.

Later we went to another really cool park just a ten minute walk from our hotel.  

This park was really cool, but in a different way from some of the other ones we've been to here in China.  This park had karaoke, exercise equipment, and ping pong.

Every time we've told Miles we were headed to a park, he always ended up disappointed when there were never any slides.  A park in China isn't the same as the ones we go to in Grapevine.  But thankfully, after question after question about why there weren't any swings or slides, we came across this place.  And the kids had fun.

Later we meandered down to our hotel pool.

Once Lakey got in she had fun. 

And of course so did Miles, shivers, blue lips, and all. 

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