Tuesday, June 04, 2013

She's Baaack!

After 4.5 years under the guardianship of my mom and dad, I have joyfully welcomed MINI back into my life!  She understands that she wasn't big enough to support my rear-facing babies, and for that we had to let her go.  I'm sure she is insecure about her inadequacy in that way.  But she is very capable of handling up to two toddlers when she is called on to do so, though it isn't her primary role in this family. 

I'm so glad MINI finally has a place with us again!  I love speeding cruising with her through the streets of Dallas.  We get each other. 

Welcome home MINI.

1 comment:

Jeremy Northcutt said...

did you really take this picture going 70 MPH?