Friday, May 31, 2013

Adios, Pre-K!

Yesterday we sold our house and bought a new one - the last one I hope.  It is the house our kids will grow up in and leave for college from.  It's the one we will spend every Christmas morning in, and maybe (hopefully) the one Jeremy and I will die in.  Too lofty a goal?  What if I said it's the one we will be raptured out of?  Yes, I like that better.  Perhaps I'll tell you more about the house another time.  Then again, this blog is a masterpeice of inconsistency so I make no promises.  I write when the mood strikes, and that tends to happen only when I'm avoiding something else.  Like packing.

Anyway, we signed over the next 30 years to Freddie Mac and then ran four carloads of odds and ends (read: stuff for which I was too lazy and cheap to buy another box) over to the new house.  And then!  In the middle of all the madness...

Our sweet Miles graduated from Pre-K.

Now, my overall attitude when it comes to an hour long ceremony dedicated to the ushering in of Kindergarten (at our kids' bedtime no less) isn't going to win me any positive thinking awards.  All these things really do is get parents weepy about how quickly our children are growing up.  As if we need to be reminded.

But, what are you gonna do but show up, enjoy the cuteness, and blog about it?

We were at the venue 20 minutes early.  Knox spied the stage and proceeded to get the party started himself.

Lakey had a snack, so of course she was content to watch the sideshow.

Finally, the Pre-K 1 class opened up with a performance.

Miles knew every word to his class song, Dynamite by Taio Cruz (the KidzBop version), but he was too busy smiling at us to actually sing or do the motions with his class.  My first wave of pride hit at this point though, because just last December when his class did their school carolling for the parents, he stood there and sobbed for the duration of the song.  So the fact that he wasn't scared to death was a big step for him!

Then it was time for him to receive his graduation diploma.  He ran.  Wave of pride numero dos.

Knox watched intently from his chair.  Most of the time he was smiling.  I think he was proud  of his brother.

Until he got sad that he wasn't graduating too.

JiaJia took it upon herself to get a better seat during the ceremony.  She's a take charge kind of girl.

On the way home, Miles asked two or three times if we were so proud of him.

He doesn't even know the half of it.

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