Thursday, July 31, 2014

Miles: Six

This birthday feels like the official release of any grip I may have thought I still had on my first baby boy. 

He lost two teeth this week.  He cleaned out his sock and underwear drawers and reorganized his closet this week without me asking.  He starts real school in less than a month.  He asked to go to IHOP for his birthday breakfast instead of donuts.  See?  He's practically an old man.

Some things I want to remember about Miles:

1.  He loves for me to read to him. 

2.  Baseball and swimming are his favorites.

3.  He wakes up early, and he wakes up happy. 

4.  He cannot stand for Knox to get ready before him.  This may be why he gets himself up and dressed so quickly each morning without any coaxing from me.  You know, because he might die if he misses out on something.  Knox is so the opposite of this.  In his mind, the party doesn't start til he shows up, so he is never in a hurry to get anywhere.

5.  He is not very affectionate until he has been away from us for a few days, and then he goes around the house telling everyone (and everything) how much he loves and missed them. 

6.  He's pretty shy.  If he doesn't know you or isn't comfortable with you, he pretends to be deaf.

7.  However, if you are lucky enough to be one of the few that he feels safe with, he will machine-gun you down with conversation and questions.  All the live long day.

8.  He is adventurous, but not fearless.  He wants to try things, but he wants Knox to try them first. 

9.  His favorite color is still red, yet he wants to be a "Hook 'em Horn." Guess he'll have to make a choice someday.

10. His favorite person is his daddy.  His second favorite is Knox.

My heart overflows with thanksgiving for this one.

Happy birthday Miles boy!

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