Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Knox: Five

His big day started off like most birthdays do around here... a new mega book to study throughout the year.  Courtesy of the sibs.

Next, the birthday boy's choice of breakfast.  With Knox, it's always donuts.  On Lakey's birthday, the donut lady overheard us talking about it and brought Lakey a donut with a candle.  Knox was all over that like a rash, so on this day he burst through the door of the donut shop and announced that it was his birthday.  Luckily, the donut lady did not disappoint.  

Nino came up for the day and took Knox to Legoland.  At home, a bigger bike and some new walkie talkies finished out the day.  We let him go around the block and radio us on his journey.  Big kid stuff! 

And to end the day - ice cream cake!

And now for some things I want to remember about a newly turned 5 year old Knox:

1.  He's a natural leader and it's crazy to me that you can detect it at such a young age.  He doesn't worry much about what others think, or if he has the right answer, or if he does anything perfectly.  Being basically the exact the opposite of this myself - it thrills me that Knox is who he is!

2.  He's the teacher's pet.  Ms. McKinney actually writes that on her weekly notes she sends home!  He loves to be a helper, he thinks on his own, and he gets things easily.  When he draws a picture of our family he sometimes includes Ms. McKinney in the rendering.

3.  His favorite color is green, like his momma, and he says he wants to be a Baylor Bear, like his momma.

4.  He is full of ideas, animated in his stories, and he reads!  One of the coolest, most unexpected joys has been to watch the boys learn to read this year.  They have unlocked everything now.

5.  Knox's favorite person is Miles.  His second favorite is his daddy.

6.  Sometimes he shortens words.  I don't know if it's laziness, but I tend to think it's awesome when he says things like, "Mom, can I have some more ketch?"  Such a cool cat.

7.  He's tech savvy and smart.  He works until he figures things out.  He has memorized all the different passcodes to mine and Jeremy's phones, iPads, our garage door, and even the code to my parents' alarm system.  Mental note to lock away my debit card PIN and throw away the key.

8.  He says the darnedest things.  I'm thinking of the time when Miles was lamenting the fact that Santa brought him a bouncy ball on top of his popcorn tin instead of a sticky hand thing like he brought to Knox.  To which Knox replied, "Well you should have asked God to make you Knox and then Santa would have brought you one."

So thankful for this kid.  Happy birthday my darling Knox!

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ChelseaSalomone said...

Great post, as always!! I smiled all the way through it. "All over it like a rash" I died!!!