Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hello Darlin'

Nice to see you.  It's been a long tiiiiiiiiime...

Any Conway fans?

Ahem.  Is this thing on?

Oh hey!  Well it's been about a year, but luckily we are your average joes and the only significant thing you really missed was that we manufactured another sweet little baby boy!  I know what you're thinking.

Poor Lakey.

At first she was iffy about another brother, I'll admit.  Her enthusiasm was definitely lacking.  On more than one occasion she said to me, "Well, I wish it was a sister but I know it's not." 

But then one day she realized that she's got a captive audience, and let me tell you.  She is thriving under these circumstances!  Singing and dancing her way into Hayes' heart, no doubt.

And speaking of Hayes, let me formally introduce you!
What!?  You didn't receive Hayes' birth announcement?  That's because I was in a cloud of my own vainglory for actually getting professional newborn photos and announcements done this time around (none of my other kids had them).  I hastily sent the announcements to roughly a third of my list before we left for vacation, and then I completely forgot to send the rest!  #momfail  At this point it just seems like, why?  Social media really kills the anticipation of these anymore anyways.  Oh well.  I have a whole box to keep for posterity I guess.  You're welcome, kids. 

Life as a family of six is pretty wonderful.  And while it's a full on circus little bit chaotic around here, we are definitely smitten with our little lovey boy.  Every day my heart swells with thanksgiving as I hear little voices saying things like, "I love you Hayes-boy to the moooooon and back," or "Who's a good boy?  Hayes is a good boy!"

And then I hear Lakey's sentiments in her sweetest voice, "Hayes you're hard to have, but we do it!"

I'm sure she means it in the best possible way.  

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