Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lakey: Four

As I mentioned, Lakey turned four a couple of weeks ago.

She woke up to some new books from her bros.  Please note her bangs - she found some scissors the other day...

Then, we were off to get donuts.

Knox insisted on getting Lakey her very own Hello Kitty water dispenser.  Unconventional, but right on the money.

She also got some big girl upgrades in her room.  No more toddler bed!
This was Lakey's first birthday to have a party where she got to invite all her friends from school.  She teetered back and forth for weeks on what kind of theme she wanted, and almost every idea involved a Frozen element.  At one point I think a firetruck party with Princess Anna pancakes was mentioned.  Somebody punch me. 
Thankfully, I finally realized that she didn't really care as long as she had pink cupcakes.  That was the common thread with every new idea.  So I ran across this adorable invitation on Etsy a few weeks before the party.  Then, I did what any good mother would do.  I convinced Lakey that flamingos were her most favorite animal on earth.  Was it manipulative?  Yes.  Did I want to throw an adult tantrum if we had to have one more Frozen moment in our lives?  No.  The choice was clear.
I always make the cupcakes because, 1.)  My kids always want cupcakes on their birthdays, 2.) They are easy to make, and 3.) Kids don't care what they taste like and I rarely offer them to the grown-ups; therefore, my dignity stays intact along with my wallet. 
For some diversity though, I whipped these up also.
JUST kidding!  I could never.  These were truly works of art, and they tasted wonderful too.  I still prefer yours though, Mom.  With yours, I can eat as many as I want without seeing a calculator in my mind tallying up how many dollars I'm putting in my mouth.  And yours taste just as good too.  These were definitely a wow factor though, and I'm sure I'll splurge again some day, but probably not on a bunch of four year olds.   
Lakey's party was at the new rec center in town.  It has an indoor water park with a great section for younger kiddos.  I think everyone had a great time.


Back at home, Lakey opened her presents and we enjoyed more cookies.


Lakey's little personality continues to shine.  She becomes more independent every day, and with that definitely comes the sass.  We keep working on that, but I'm sure it will be a long road.  She's sweet (when she's sleeping), she's bossy, she's sarcastic, and she's quite witty actually.  Recently, Miles came out of her room crying.  When Jeremy asked him what was wrong, he said, "Lakey threw a book at me so hard."  She was quick to defend herself, "No I didn't, it was an iPad."  She's a mess for sure!

Here are some of Lakey's favorites today:

  • Pink and Purple - even on her bagels in the morning.  She wants one half covered in strawberry cream cheese and the other half in blueberry (which is the color purple).
  • Dresses - she rarely chooses anything else, and she wants them to twirl whenever possible.
  • Noodles - of the Asian variety
  • Uptown Funk - and anything from the Frozen soundtrack
  • Ariel and Rapunzel - they've made significant strides up her list.  Watch out Anna and Elsa!
  • Starburst - apparently.  She's been asking for them nearly every day.  Monday, I found a pile of wrappers on the far side of the bed in the guest room.  All pink.  She's sneaky, but not that sneaky.
  • Olive - We got a puppy a few months ago.  Lakey was terrified at first like she is with all dogs, but now Olive has a shadow.
  • Me - she's the first to compliment my outfits, my hair, my jewelry, my nails.  Today she asked me if she could have the dress I am wearing when she is bigger because she loves it.
We are really blessed and thankful for this one.  Can't wait to see what is in store for her life!


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ChelseaSalomone said...

Hilarious post, as always! I was cracking up through the entire thing. Also, Nick did not adequately convey to me the cuteness of your party decor. PRECIOUS!!! I thought the pineapple gift bags were amazing but I'm telling you, The Rec has never looked better.