Saturday, August 30, 2008

Game Day

It's a big day at the Northcutt's. It's the first college game day of the season, which means that now is the time to start molding Miles into becoming an OU fan. I realize the challenge is going to be a difficult one, given that his daddy loves the Longhorns, but I will be putting up a strong front for the Sooners, and I think the fact that Papu has season tickets gives Oklahoma the edge on winning Miles' loyalty. Nevertheless, here is a cute pic of Miles and Jeremy watching ESPN College Game Day together. The first of many I have no doubt.

Miles made his first trip to Starbuck's yesterday, and I must say he didn't seem quite as thrilled as I was. He was conked out the whole time. I even offered to get him a toffee nut latte or a blueberry coffee cake - but nothing. No excitement. Not one eye opened. Oh well. Other than that, we are still just working on his little internal clock. He actually does pretty well, but somehow he didn't get the memo that 4:00 in the afternoon is NOT bedtime and NOT the time for a marathon nap. It feels kinda mean to try to wake a peaceful, sleeping baby - but for his mother's sanity and well-being we need to get this straightened out. He's trying hard though, and he will get there before we know it.

This is pretty typical of Miles' playtime. All these fun toys right in front of his nose, but he'd rather make sure he knows what's going on all around him. Maybe he's going to be the next Jack Bauer.

He'll hate us later for these I'm sure, but how adorable is our little puppy?? I'm taking full advantage of dressing him up like this before he can really put up a fight. It's for the sake of the scrapbook. :)


Leah said...

That is the cutest puppy dog hat I have ever seen- and a sweet little "pup" to put it on! So glad things are great for ya'll. We are thinking about you.

tiffaney said...

I love the sweet puppy paw pictures!! ;) i want to come over sooooon!

lindsayloo said...

Niles and I will come over and assist Jeremy in the fight against Sooner-hood. =)

If we can ever get our freaking butts to your house!!!! I mean you live SO far away.