Saturday, September 06, 2008

Following Up

Wednesday we took Miles to Children's Hospital for a follow-up EKG. Anytime we go somewhere (which is not very often) I try to work around his feeding schedule, but of course we didn't actually get in to see the doctor until about an hour after our appointment time, so Miles was getting pretty restless. I ended up feeding him in one of the available rooms they had while we waited, and it actually turned out great as he was all tanked up and just slept through the whole echo. Good boy! Dr. Dimas, his cardiologist, was happy with the results of the echo and said that his heart looked almost completely normal. I say almost because she said there is still some thickness in his right ventricle, but functionally it is doing great. All the blood is flowing in the right direction now, and the size of that right ventricle is normal except for the slight thickness. She expects that to continue to decrease and wasn't concerned at all. In fact, she said that if Miles just came in randomly off the street and had an echo she would tell us she didn't need to see us again. But given his history, she wants us to come back when Miles is a year old for another follow-up. A YEAR old!! I was expecting several more appointments between now and six months, so we were thrilled with the news!

p.s. Miles is weighing in at 9 lbs now. He's a great eater, as you might have noticed from the chubby little cheeks. So cute!


Keith & Jessica said...

Such great news! What a champion!

Anonymous said...

Any new pictures to share? I am so anxious to see you on Wednesday.