Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So, there have been a few changes since my last post. As the gifts started rolling in before baby Miles was born, Jeremy and I quickly realized that having a baby came with major luggage, and a one bedroom apartment wasn't going to cut it when housing a swing, jumper, rocker, bouncer, play yard, high chair, bathtub, and cradle. Not to mention a whole closet full of clothes, blankets, bottles, and toys. Jeremy and I are still between houses. So, until our house in Fayetteville sells (anyone interested?), we decided to go with a one bedroom apartment. "700 square feet of fun," I like to call it. Yeah, fun if you like being 9 months pregnant, living on the third floor, with no elevators. Or, how about carting a 9+ pound baby in a big, bulky carseat up three flights? Maybe worse. All that to say, we've upgraded to a two bedroom on the second floor - still fighting one flight of stairs, but it is is WAY better! We can spread out a little more now which is nice. We should have done this from the start, but we were trying to stay optimistic that we wouldn't be here this long. And we were trying to save a buck or two. Oh well, what can you do? UPGRADE!!

Jeremy put Miles' crib together and it is adorable!!

Speaking of upgrades, we had to get rid of the MINI. :( Not condusive to an infant AT ALL, but luckily it stayed in the family. My parents bought it from us, and we bought their Yukon. Nice little transaction, but I'm having to learn to drive all over again. Can't stop on a dime anymore or whip into just any parking spot. Stinks too, cause I feel like race car driving is in my blood now. :)

My mom recently came and stayed a week with us. Unfortunately for her, she was here on moving day. Once again, she helped me pack up for yet another move. I don't know how many times she's helped me move. Post college, she's helped me every time - a total of four moves now! And that's not even mentioning my college days - moving me to Baylor, OU, and back to Baylor again. Each time she swears it's her last. But I know better. :) She's so good at packing and knowing what to put where - why waste that talent?? :) I sound like a brat, but the truth is that I never even have to ask for her help. She just volunteers, and I'm so glad! She's a good mom to Jamie and me. Hopefully I'll be half that to Miles.

Jeremy is in charge of bathtime and he put Miles in his longhorn hooded towel for the first time the other day. Definitely cute, but I'd like to call attention to Miles' right hand in the first pic. The classic horns down gesture. You can already see where is loyalties lie, regardless of what burnt orange garb his daddy might force upon him. Good boy!!

Jeremy had planned to go out of town for a couple days last week for work, so Miles and I went home to Sayre with my Mom. I'd like to say that I caught up on some much needed rest having her constant help. But instead, anytime Miles was napping or Mima had him, I always felt compelled to either eat or catch up on some DVR'd O'Reilly, Hannity & Colmes, or Project Runway episodes. At one point, I was standing in the kitchen with Miles in one arm, trying to scarf down a chicken salad sandwich with the other hand (my lunch finally at like 2:00 p.m.), and I asked Mom if this was the typical life of a mother. "Yep!" she said. "Always the last to eat and your dinner is always cold. For the REST OF YOUR LIFE!" All I could do was smile and apologize. But of course, it's only a small price for the joy of being a mom and I know she feels the same.

Miles with Papu and Mima.

His hair is getting long, but the faux hawk lives on...

I came back to Dallas on Friday, and Jeremy said he felt like Miles had grown in just a week. He really is changing - he's getting more control of his head and likes to hold it up and look around. He's so cute! The consensus is still that he's a Jeremy clone, although I'm starting to hear a few people say that maybe he looks like me from his eyes up. That's fun for me to hear, although I don't know why it even matters to me. It shouldn't. It doesn't.

Here's a pic of Miles' first play date with Haley and Levi. They are the kiddos of my good friend Deidra, who I grew up with. Levi is about 4 months and Haley is two and a half. Miles wasn't really cooperating for the pic.


Anonymous said...

The pictures are great, he does look like he is growing. He looks so precious in his Longhorn Towel.

Thanks for the update on your upgrades.

Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, Jeremy and Miles, I am so glad to hear that you all are doing so well. Mile is so precious. When I saw you all at DeAnn's funeral, I, of course, had no idea that you would go through all you have gone through. I do remember Lindsay saying that she didn't care if the baby was a boy or girl, just as long as it was healthy. Well, after a few trials, your prayers have been answered. Now that my children are a little older, I can tell you that this will be something you will never forget, but will seem very minor as Miles gets older. I knew that God would come through for you guys, and I am so thankful. You all have so much fun to look forward to. I can't tell you how happy I am for all of you! Love, Cousin Cara

Keith & Jessica said...

Boomer Sooner!