Tuesday, April 06, 2010


We are SO thankful that Miles is home and doing well!  He is amazingly resilient, as most kids prove to be.  He came home from Children's Hospital on the date of my last post, March 25.  It took a day or two for him to catch up on some much needed, uninterrupted rest, but he is back at full throttle again.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Miles is at a slightly higher risk of having more febrile seizures because he's had the one.  We just have to pay close attention to him and make sure we take action against even the slightest, low-grade fevers.  It's important that we stay on top of his fevers to help ensure that one doesn't spike again and potentially result in another seizure.  It kind of sounds obvious when I say, "stay on top of his fevers," but babies and toddlers often get low-grade fevers for all kinds of reasons (like teething, for example).  Many times the fever subsides on its own within just a few hours and without much, if any, intervention.  We have to be a little more paranoid about it with Miles, which I don't have to tell you is coming quite naturally for me now.  We now have video monitors in both Knox and Miles' rooms.  I often wonder what might have happened had Knox NOT woken up when he did, or if Miles hadn't whimpered as loudly as he did during the seizure.  Not a good thought really, and hence, the video monitors for a little extra peace of mind.  I will forever find them worth the extra $$.  We were also sent home with a drug called Diastat, which is a medication to be given in the event of another seizure lasting longer than 5 minutes.  It should stop the seizure - we were trained on how to use it before we were discharged, but hopefully we will NEVER have to!

I am going to post a few pics of Miles from the hospital, not to advertise what went on, but to document for myself what he went through.  I'd like to think I'll be scrapbooking all of this one day, but let's be honest.  The way life is going, it looks like I may not pick up the scrapbook for another 18-20 years!  Anyways, if you have issues with seeing children in hospitals - THIS IS YOUR WARNING!  Abort the blog NOW!!!

This is Miles the first day in the ICU.  The leads on his head are for the EEG.

This is also one from the ICU.  Visitors had to wash up and wear a mask, gloves, and gown.

We tried to entertain him in any way possible.  Here he is watching Baby Einstein, which he loves dearly.

Finally healthy enough to go for a little walk with Daddy.

to God be the glory,


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Deidra said...

I'm so thankful that he is okay! The hospital pictures are precious--he looks like he was really tough. Love you.