Friday, February 25, 2011

Cruising for a Time Out

I remember laughing a few years ago when Mom told me that Lawson asked her to put our lab, Boomer, in time out for licking him.  If you're one who doesn't appreciate the fantastic simplicity of the mind of a 3 year old, then surely you can get a chuckle from the ridiculous image alone of a dog sitting in time out until three minutes are up, the offense is explained, and the dog offers an apology.

Yesterday on our way home from school, Miles did the absurd and put the sun in time out.  For shining in his eyes.  I think he was surprised by his own bossiness when we stopped on Main Street and the sun briefly went behind a tree. 

"Mommy, where did the sun go?  Where did the sun go Mommy?"  He was concerned.

I reminded him that he put the sun in time out.  And then the light turned green and the sun came out of hiding.  Miles happily greeted it with a, "Oh, hi sun!" 

Quick to discipline, quick to forgive.  Such a profound concept demonstrated by a two year old, don't you think? 

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