Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Oh Toodles!

Remember this march?

Who's the leader of the club
That's made for you and me?

Hey there!  Hi there!  Ho there!
You're as welcome as can be

I'll spare you the rest, although you are probably now singing it in your head.  Sorry. 

If it's been awhile since you've had any direct connection to the mascot of Disney, let me assure you that Mickey Mouse is alive and well in the hearts and TVs of littles everywhere. But it's not by way of The Mickey Mouse Club anymore.

Now it's, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Oooh, Ahhhh!

Only Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and the gang in this one.  No more Mouseketeers that will grow up and bomb their way through life.  Just kidding, Annette Funicello made it through alright didn't she?  She's my fave.

Knox especially loves Mickey Mouse, so it was a no brainer to give him a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party for his 3rd birthday.  It wasn't exactly as we planned since it rained all the day long, but I might argue that the kids had more fun because of the rain.  Kids are just cool like that.

Like every other birthday in this family so far, the party was at our house.  Come inside, it's fun inside!

These are some of the goodies that went in the guests' treat bags.  Play-doh, stickers, frisbees, and Pez.  We are a Pez family.  Even Santa brings us Pez.

Chocolate w/sprinkles.  Birthday boy's request.

Mima's iced cookies.  She's a talent.

First bike!

Happy boy.

Knox got a Spiderman mask.  He had to get his fingers just right...

"So I can shoot my powers out!"  That's what he says.

It's interesting, but once Spiderman came to the party then Batman suddenly appeared too.

Like I said, it literally rained all day long.  Nino and Papa brought their bounce house for the kids to play on, and they were willing to put it up even in the rain.  Thankful to them for that!  The kids got soaked and had a blast!  Here are Knox and Miles with Tate.  I don't think Tate ever once came inside - he loved the rain.

This is a gratuitous picture of my bestie's son, Cutler.  Oh. My.

Knox got a firefighter (or fire-fire, as he calls it) costume from his cousins, Lawson and Landry.  He ran around for a good amount of time needing to "fix something," and hammering that ax. 

This little boy is Cruz, and he and Knox are in the same class at school and have been best buddies since they were in the infant class.  They are two weeks apart in age, and just connected from the start.  Funny how that happens with some even at such a young age.  Here they are singing Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Such a fun day!  So thankful for this sweet boy.  Happy Birthday Knox!

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