Sunday, February 24, 2013


Miles has been looking forward to this day.

We have too.

The kids had fun from the start, but it was nothing special really.  Nothing the Fort Worth Zoo couldn't beat anyway.

And then this happened.

Miles' favorite animal.

At least, today it was.

 And probably every day after this.

This you cannot do at the Fort Worth zoo.

Though maybe at Arbuckle Wilderness.

Such interesting creatures.  God is mighty creative.

And his creation sure does delight this boy.  Both boys.  Jeremy was so excited for Miles.

A few steps down the path, and we came upon these.

Well hello big fella.  I'm glad those two wires are separating me and you.

Just kidding, there was a fence too.  But still, you can't get this close at any other zoo I've been to lately.

You might be a redneck...


And you might be a good girl if you wear purple bear ears, eat a banana, hold a balloon, and wear Chinese mouse shoes.

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