Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some About Lakey

Today we enjoyed a gorgeous park that was home to hundreds of thousands of tulips, but for this post I want to write a little bit about Lakey.  That's the good stuff anyway, right?

She is petite.  But she's sturdy enough.

She walks and sits up, but she can't crawl or get herself into a sitting position from laying down.  Neither can she stand up from a sitting position.  Her core strength needs lots of work.  But in talking with the other families we are with - almost none of the girls can do any of these things.  It's interesting.

Her fine motor skills are very good, considering that I expected her to be really delayed on all levels.  She can feed herself with a spoon, pick up small food with her hands, take off her shoes and socks, walk on her tip toes, catch a rolling ball with her hands, etc.

She rocks a mean pair of pink mouse shoes.  All the shoes I brought for her are too big, so we picked these up at the market down the street.  You cannot find a pair of normal shoes here in the markets - not one.  They either have these goofy animals on them or they have squeakers in them.  Plenty of kids have those around here.  Every.  step.  squeaks.  I see no reason to force myself into early asylum.  Hence, the pink mouse shoes.

Lakey's independent spirit is coming out.  In the beginning, she wanted me to hold her all the time.  She still likes to be held, but now she sometimes wiggles out of my arms so that she can get down to play and walk.  On the bus, she rarely wants to sit in my lap.  She wants to sit in her own seat next to mine.  By the window.  She mostly likes to feed herself.  Today, I noticed that she was attempting a step on her own, so I put my finger out for her to grab.  She decidedly shook her head no and locked her hands behind her back.  Alrighty then.

She might give you one of these looks if she's had enough.  Or if you're daddy.

She plays with one toy at a time.  If she already has something in her hand, and you give her something else, she will take what you're offering and give you what she has.

She loves Miles.  He can make her laugh.  But if something he does doesn't sit well with her, she has no trouble giving him a whack on the arm.  Or in the face.

She is beautiful.  
She sways to music.  
She likes to twirl.  
She loves baths now.  Except when you wash her hair. 
She has a ready smile.
She's a happy girl. 

We love her more than I can describe here.

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