Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yuntai Garden

Yesterday we visited the Yuntai Garden which is situated at the foot of Buntai Mountain.  The garden covers about 120,000 acres, and right now they are in the middle of a month long tulip festival.  Over 300,000 tulips of 20 varieties were imported into Guangzhou from the Netherlands for the festival.

It was gorgeous.  I only wish I could have captured the real beauty of it with my camera.

A fog has settled around the city, and it's been looming every day that we've been here.

The mist and the Chinese instrumental music playing throughout the garden gave it a very romantic feel.  I could have spent all day here I think.

Miles has literally kicked this ball all over China.  I'm glad I stuck it in the bag, and I'm shocked we haven't lost it yet.

We would look quite nice in a painting, don't you think?

Look who's not crying!  Not smiling, but not crying.

Miles loved this red dragon.  They had a green one, but he liked the red.  Power color.

Lakey loves her bear.  Sometimes she just needs him.  

And I love Lakey's sweet little haircut.  Deep down I hoped she would have bangs cut straight across.  Her cute little bob puts her over the edge on the cuteness chart for me.

You could walk yourself away from all the exhibits and up through the foothills where it was especially quiet and beautiful.  Well, relatively quiet.  Miles is a very inquisitive four year old.  

This man is a really good daddy.

Our "secret" bridge.  We were looking for secret treasure.

Lakey loved the tulips.  I had to keep her from picking off the petals.

Tulips are my favorite too. 

I'm really glad we didn't miss this garden.

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Pesky said...

I know you're anxious to get home. Everything is so beautiful there I think I could stay forever.